let's shift culture through collaboration, creating

achieving amazing things

designing and developing new software solutions that achieve amazing things through collaboration with business, government and community groups

Identifying Business Needs

At ii, we get excited about working with you to find your needs and deliver the best result

Creating Software Solutions

We leverage 20+ years of software development skills to create innovative software

Ensuring Security

Helping you own and manage your own data and software needs, giving you stability and support

Open Source

We believe in the power of collaboration to develop incredible new innovative ideas

more information coming soon

we are currently getting our info up on this site and will have more specific information in the next few weeks. there's a few links below to help you navigate our content.

creating local clouds should not be hard

bringing the cloud to your community

It should be easy to deploy complex cloud infrastructure onto real hardware without having to be an IT guru. We want to use a $9 C.H.I.P flashed from the web with a paperclip to setup the same open source cloud infrastructure used by Google.necessary regelialia
how we help

touching the stars

ii hosted Tactile Astronomy in our HQ in Tauranga, New Zealand - find out how we are helping the blind to see the stars
instant infrastructure

watch what happens when we provision a phone to command and control a whole rack of servers

Connecting a banana pi to a rack of servers and deploying via chef-provisioning-hanlon.... if you want to see esx, xen, ubuntu, centos, and coreos all installing at the same time, jump to around
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